Creating the blue print for a successful life

Things are changing.

If you can here because you need help with your website click here. I love working on websites and promoting peoples businesses, that will never change.

While working on websites is my “9-5” its not my everything, there is so much more to life. I want to grow, teach, learn, travel and be successful. I want to be healthy, intelligent, and be able to help others. Mgo Create is about that life, this will be my platform to do that.

I feel in order to be successful you need to constantly be willing to change and adapt. You need to execute, take a look back at what has worked and what has not and make the adjustments… this has to be constant, you have to continue with the process and be patient… well I have not done much of that. I have planned, reinvented a plan and put off the plan and I have earned exactly what I deserve from it… nothing. I need to quit with the “Hobby Hustle*” and put my ass into gear to make it happen. I have been letting my feelings get the best of me and letting other items in my life take the priority. I need to make this happen. I need to execute much more than I am doing now. I have read the books, I have heard the speeches its now time for me to put these thoughts and lessons into actions. I need to get off my ass and make it happen.

I need to limit my focus and make notes of what is working and what is not. I need to start to create the blue print for success. I need to leave something more important than money to my children. I need to leave them a pathway that will help them become as successful as they want to become. While I know they may not follow, it is my job to put it down. My only hope is that they can build off this and change the world for the better.


*video and motivational credit goes to the great Eric Thomas some times you have to hear things multiple times to finally get the urge to do it. thank you.